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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Oh, Bee!

I think I've mentioned before that Henry's name for Jack is "Bee". It's short for baby, and he's been using it almost as long as Jack has been alive. Now we all use it from time to time. It makes me smile, because my middle initial is B., and I have long been known as Sarah B. to family and friends, as well as Sairabee to my online friends. My nick-name for Henry is Bug, so now I have a Bee and a Bug to love. :)

The other day, I was loading Jack into the van and said, "Oh, Jack!" under the sheer weight of it all. Henry was standing next to me and started saying, "Oh, Bee!" over and over again. It was adorable. Whenever Jack spits up, or gets his hands on something he shouldn't have, or what have you, Henry is right there saying, "Oh, Bee!"

I thought it was a fitting title for this post. This is Jack's first meal of prunes. He loved them (as does his Papa.... *blech*)! Jack is a messy eater. We rarely ever had any food go out of Henry's mouth when we were feeding him (and we started him two months earlier than Jack!), but Jack is a different story. As soon as I put it in, he pushes most of it out, so I'm constantly at his face with the spoon trying to recover what I can before it gets on his clothes. You'd almost think I'd use one of our sixty gajillion bibs, wouldn't you? Maybe next time I'll remember to do that. Doh.

Oh, that's another thing. Henry says, "Doh!" now too. I wonder where he picked that up? ;)


Lorie said...

Oh, Bee...how cute! And who wouldn't love that messy,sweet face? :o)

Debby said...

OMG That is the cutest picture. Look at those bright blue eyes! What a cutie patootie little Bee.

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