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Monday, October 13, 2008

The Little Farmer

We took the boys to The Little Farmer last weekend. Grandma likes to go every year to buy apples for her pies, and we get our pumpkins while we're there, too. They have hayrides and some animals, and a playground, but Jack isn't too keen on patience at this age, so we didn't take too much time enjoying those things. We just did our pumpkin search and found our apples and squash and called it a day. The bees were crazy that day anyhow, so no one was too upset. Well, except Henry... who thought the whole day should be spent with the goats. Go figure.

This is one of the first things I saw when I walked into the pumpkin patch. I thought it was hilarious, and had to share it with you!

Here is Henry with Grandma, near the animal area. It just occurred to me that I didn't get any pictures of the goats! *gasp* And in case you haven't noticed on previous posts, this is Henry's cheesy grin of the year.

Choosing the right pumpkin is a tricky ordeal. Some people test produce by smelling it. Some try to squeeze it, some roll it, some sit on it...

Another big draw for Henry is a water feature. ANY water feature!

Me with my little pumpkin. :o)

Henry with the Grandmas...

And where was Jack through all of this? Why, in his stroller of course! And as always, his Kammi doll was near by!

I hope you enjoyed your tour through the pumpkin patch! :)


Lorie said...

I think the sitting test is the perfect one! :o) Adorable pictures!

JenN said...

LMAO at the sitting test. In that pic of you and Henry you look like you're holding him down and at the same time telling the photographer with your eyes that you're going to kill him/her when you get te chance. LOLOLOL

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

Thanks for sharing your story and entering to win Confetti Cakes For Kids!


ThePortman4 said...

I love the sign! I miss Little Farmer, we don't have anything like it around here. It looks like you had a nice time.

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