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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween Fun

I just thought I'd share a quick picture of some Halloween cookies I made tonight. I just took some Nutter Butter cookies, and dropped them in white chocolate, then added mini chocolate chips for eyes. I saw this idea somewhere and they suggested using licorice whips for eyes, but I don't care for licorice, so I went with these instead. When the chocolate dries, I'll break off the little pools around the edges and have some fun halloween treats for someone.

That's the funny part... I didn't even make them for anyone, I just saw the idea and thought I'd try it. I think they'd look super cute standing up in a halloween cake frosted with black frosting, don't you? Maybe I'll try that when my boys are old enough to appreciate it. Ooooo... or even in little black-frosted cupcakes! Man, could I rock a bake sale or what? lol.

Next time I'll put the points of the chocolate chips down instead of up. Some of the eyes look a little crazy on these, but you get the idea!



Lorie said...

Oh, wow! These are great! You are sending some to me when? :o)

Pat's little corner of the world said...

Your kids are so cute..If I remember right you had just found out you were going to have a baby when I was your big sister...Please send me your address to my e-mail at miclimtus@aol.com...I would love to be able to send you cards and things...I love that you have this blog...it's easy to keep up on the little ones..
Your big sister,

Debby said...

What a great idea! I love nutter butters. I'm gonna do this today. Thanks!

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