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Monday, October 6, 2008

The things kids say, part 1

Somewhere along the line, Henry became "You". Here are a few recent conversations:

Me: Who put your socks behind the crib?
H: You.
Me: You did?
H: heh.

Me: Who's Mama's bug?
H: You!

You get the picture. So, I've been trying to teach him his name... his real name. Here is the conversation that took place last night:

Me: What's your name, honey?
H: You.
Me: No, your name is Henry.
H: Heh.
Me: Can you say Henry?
H: No. (lol!)
Me: Can you say Hen?
H: Hen.
Me: Ree?
H: Ree.
Me: Henry?
H: You.

Oye. Back to the drawing board. ;o)


JenN said...

LMAO! That's awesome. It reminds me of the episode of Friends when Phoebe tries to teach Joey how to speak French. ;-)

Lorie said...

Oh, goodness...that is funny! How about "I'd like to order a hambuger please" from The Pink Panther with Steve Martin? LOL!

ThePortman4 said...

I can't stop laughing! That is so funny. Where did he pick up that he is You? Too funny!

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