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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mama's In The Kitchen!

I chat online with a group of moms, and one of those moms has been a terrible influence on me. She's always cooking something in her crock pot, and I finally caved and decided I should try it too. :o) Isn't that awful?! I actually made a Beef Stroganoff earlier this week, but I want to tweak that recipe a bit before I share it. Tonight I made french dip sandwiches, and they really couldn't have been easier. I *heart* french dip sandwiches! I can never get enough! NEVER! Hubby even enjoyed these. He said they were as good as the cheesy beef sandwiches we get at Portillo's when we go to Chicago, but I think he was being a tad generous there. I mean, they were tastey, but I don't know that ANYTHING can top Portillo's!!

Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches

2-3 lb Beef Rump Roast
2 cans Campbell's Beef Consomme
Salt and Pepper (to taste)
Mozzerella Cheese
Hoagie or Sub Buns

Place roast in slow cooker and cover with both cans of consomme. Add salt and pepper to taste. Cook on low 8-10 hours. Remove roast from slow cooker, and pull apart with fork. Save juice for dipping. Slice and butter buns, place on cookie sheet and broil on low until they've reached desired crispiness. Remove bun tops, and add beef to bun bottoms, then cover with two slices of cheese and return to broiler to melt. If you've never broiled things like this before, please notet that they go FAST! I stand right at the oven with my eye on it the entire time to make sure it doesn't burn. Once the cheese is melted, you're good to go! Yum city!

Then, after dinner, I decided to make some banana bread...

For those who aren't aware, I love Goofy. I used to collect all things Goofy, but have cut back substantially on my purchases in the last few years. Hubby bought me this kitchen timer for Christmas last year though, and I just love it! I had to get it in the picture. :)

For the banana bread, I used this recipe. The only changes I made were that I used two large bananas (not sure if that was more or less than what was recommended, but it worked), and added about a cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips. :o)

If you decide to try either recipe, let me know!


Lorie said...

Ummmm....can I just eat at your house from now on? Both of those recipes look AMAZING! I may have to try them!

Debby said...

You bake, you make cards, you breasfeed...goodness you are a domestic goddess! I love my crockpot. Use it all the time! And the banana bread looks yummy. I must make me some today.

ThePortman4 said...

I heart french dips too!! As if you didn't know that. When are you making them again? I'm there.:)

Hey, two comments in two days.:)

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