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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Copper Falls

A girlfriend and I took a road trip this past weekend up to Northern Wisconsin. Along the way, we stopped at little stores and antique shops, and we also decided to stop at Copper Falls State Park. We hiked the 1.7 mile Doughboys' Nature Trail (so named for the WWI vets, not the Pillsbury mascot. *ahem*), and at every turn we ran into a new Amish couple. At first we just kept seeing one couple, and we spent a great deal of time debating whether they were on their rumspringa but eventually we realized there were oodles of Amish at the park and they were just taking advantage of the Open House weekend the same way we were.

I know the Amish aren't too keen on having their pictures taken, but I felt bad asking them to step aside for every shot I wanted to take (they lingered at the look out points... me thinks they were all on dates), so I snapped this from behind. I thought it would make a cool picture with them framed at the bottom. I kinda like the way it turned out with the falls between them.

Anyhow, I just thought I'd share this one.

More to come...


Monday, September 21, 2009

The Hobbies of Henry

This is basically how I find Henry every time I come into his room in the morning or after naptime:

After he wakes up, he entertains himself with one of his two favorite hobbies: Star Wars or Comic Books. Star Wars, by the way, is winning. He has dozens of figures from the movies, and knows them all - ALL - by name. Most of his collection is stuff that his Papa saved from his own childhood, and some is inherited from his older cousin. It's a family affair!

Every night, part of our bedtime routine is to clean the bedroom and put all of this away. There is a place for everything, and God forbid if I should mistakenly put Han Solo where Darth Vader belongs. Or give him a green light saber. Or forget to reattach his cape.

Aaaaand this is why clean up duties are Papa's responsibility. He knows better.

And here we have the best of both worlds. A Star Wars Comic! *gasp*

See that closet door behind Henry? My Barbie dolls are stashed away on the top shelf in there getting dusty. *sigh*