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Friday, November 28, 2008

Chunky Monkey

Check out those baby rolls! Yowza! I had to take Jack to the hospital with me awhile back because my Medela pump wasn't working correctly, and the nurse wanted to take a picture of him and make him the "poster child for nursing". LOL! She just couldn't get over how big he was (and at that time, was on breastmilk exclusively). She was calling other nurses in to look at him... it was hilarious.

I took this the other day in the middle of a clothes change. He spit up, and I had to run upstairs to get him a new outfit so I tossed him in the saucer. I had to take a picture, because it looked like he was totally nekkid! Someday, this picture will help me blackmail him into doing something for me, right? ;o) hee hee.

And yes, my toddler mommy friends, that is a box of Cruisers you see in the background. I still don't see how they are all that much better than Huggies, but diaper for diaper they are cheaper as our Target does not carry Huggies in the big boxes like they do Pampers. I'm all about a bargain.

And while I'm thinking of my toddler mom friends... Linda, these are for you ;o) :



Lorie said...

Oh, my goodness...he is SO cute with all those rolls! Have I told you that my Kyler looked like that for a little while? And, I used Huggies too! Squeeze him for me today will ya! :o)

Jocelyn1224 said...

Pampers all the way! Down with Huggies! (Unless they're cheaper :-p)

ThePortman4 said...

Sarah, this is such a cute picture. It makes me want to squeeze him.:)

Linda said...

How did you know I'd need a basket full of biscuits?!!! You're the BEST! And Jack is so chunkalicious!!!!!!!!!! That's the best picture evahhhhhh!

Sarah {SCS: Sairabee} said...


Anonymous said...

He is too adorable...you need to enter him to be on a magazine cover!

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