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Monday, December 8, 2008

Deck the Halls

I love this time of year. As crazy and as hectic as it is, I just love the feel of Christmas, the warmth of the holiday (despite the chill in the air!) and the feeling of peace that comes with remembering the true meaning of the day. I love to sing Christmas carols, and make Christmas cookies, and go to candlelit church services, and sit in a room where the only light is coming from a massive Christmas tree. It all makes me feel happy and cozy and content.

When I was a child, decorating for Christmas was a big deal. I can remember my mom would pick a day at random in early December and surprise me by waking me up late and telling me she had called in to tell them I wasn't coming to school that day. I was staying home so we could decorate for Christmas together. We'd listen to Christmas music all day... Elvis, The Statler Brothers, Perry Como, and Andy Williams. I still play the same music when I decorate. And just like mom, I decorate the whole house. We pack away almost all of our every day knick knacks and exchange them for Christmas-y ones. Here are some of my favorites...

We have two of these little alcoves in our living room. This year I used one to display some of my Charming Tails collection, as well as the new Peanuts stuff my mom bought me for Christmas last year (I love Snoopy!). I also collect vintage Christmas stuff, like the elf boot you see here. Lefton is one of my favorite companies. If you aren't familiar, search eBay for "vintage Lefton Christmas" and feel free to purchase anything you see and tuck it under my Christmas tree this year. ;o)

This plate was made by a former co-worker. I love the folk-y snowman, and the red background. The candleholder has been with me since childhood.

This church used to sit on my great-grandma's big console tv set every Christmas. It has a light inside, and it is beautiful the way the light shines through the stained glass windows.

Here are our stockings (don't worry, it's a fake fireplace!). Some of the gals I talk to online like to get everything matching. Not me! I like that our stockings are as unique as we are. The Disney stocking is mine (big Goofy fan), the middle one is hubby's (this is the guy who only wanted a plain gold band for a wedding ring - how fitting that he also picked a plain red stocking), and the fire truck is Henry's. I picked that for him on a whim last year, but it couldn't be more perfect! I tried to order one for Jack this year, but the only one I found that I liked was sold out, so I'll wait for next year and make sure to buy earlier...

And here is my tree. It's 9 ft., with about 12-1300 white lights on it, and a beautiful snowflake star that you can't really make out in the photo. It's filled (and I do mean FILLED) with dozens of ornaments. Some are new, some are old, some are hand made, some are plastic, some are glass, all of them have special memories that go right along with them.

Near the bottom left of this pic, you see a Scotty dog angel ornament - in memory of my friend Pepper. In the middle of the far right you'll see a Santa made from a shotgun shell (I also have a snowman!). That was made by a (different) former co-worker. I love it! The blue ornament in the middle hung on my grandma's tree when I was a kid.

The pink ornament with hearts (right side, center) was also from grandma's tree.... as is the mouse peeking over the North Pole sign just to the left of it. You can also see a Goofy ornament (one of about 10) near the bottom left.

Near the center of this pic you'll see a turquoise foil wrapped gift ornament. That's from my mom's tree when I was a kid. She had a whole set of them, and I loved them so much, so she gave them to me. Awww! Down from that you'll see a green bell from great-grandma's tree, and to the right of that, a Charlie Brown ornament that I painted when I was about 7 years old. I gave it to my great-Uncle back then (1983) and he hung it in the window on a string until two years ago when I hosted the family Christmas. He brought it with him, and hung it on my tree (Double awwwww!). I don't normally leave strings on ornaments, but that one had to stay.

Here you have a small santa bell, that was a gift from my bff when he traveled to Mexico (you soooo didn't think I kept that, did you?!), an antique ornament from great-grandma's tree in the middle, and a glittery snowman, who was a gift from a friend.

There you have it! I could have shared more, but I didn't want to overwhelm you! Maybe I'll post a few more pics over the next few weeks, if anyone is interested.
Meanwhile, enjoy the season and like the sign said in front of a church I passed today.... It's OK to say MERRY CHRISTMAS!



Dani said...

Gorgeous, girlie! I want to come live with you. :)

Deb said...

Sarah, your tree is magnificent! I love hearing all the stories that make your ornaments so special to you! Ours is the same way! It's so hard to pick a favorite! They're all unique and special!

Anonymous said...

So lovely! Thanks for sharing this little piece of your world with us.

Emily said...

Wow Sarah! Everything looks gorgeous!

Valorie said...

Finally! It is letting me leave a comment! You've have been tagged! See my blog for details. I think you already know that. ;o)

Mindee said...

Amazing Sarah~Everything looks great.

bsgstamps4fun: Barb Gault said...

Absolutely beautiful tree, ornaments, decorations and story.

Anonymous said...

All of these pics are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!

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