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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dear Santa

We bought Henry a bunch of Thomas the Tank Engine stuff for Christmas last year. Lots of tracks, trains, accessories, etc. He was only 18 mos old, so we knew we might be jumping the gun a bit. It turned out we were right. he was pretty hard on the trains (banging, and sometimes throwing them) so we packed them all up and put them in the attic for a year. We just pulled them out this past weekend, and he loves them! Santa will be bringing him a train table and a few other odds and ends to go with the set this year. Here's a little conversation I had with Henry the other day:

Me: Henry, who comes at Christmas?
H: Sahta.
Me: Right! Santa comes at Christmas. What does he bring with him?
H: Toys!
Me: Right! Santa brings toys. Who does he bring them to?
H: You.
Me: Yep, Santa will bring You toys! Who else does he give toys to?
H: Good people. (lmao)
Me: What would you like Santa to bring you this year?
H: Woooo Wooooo!
Me: Trains?
H: Heh.
Me: What else?
H: Boots.
Me: Boots?
H: No.
Me: Books?
H: Heh.
Me: Anything else?
H: Puzzoools.
Me: Puzzles?
Me: Anything else?
H: No.




JenN said...

There is nothing like reading a conversation with You to get the morning started. Not to mention, it now gives me ideas about what to get him for Christmas!

Linda said...

Awwwww! I love kidlet conversations!

Lorie said...

Boy you've got it easy...puzzles and trains! Our lists are a little more involved this year...lol!

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