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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jack in a Basket

I thought I'd share a few pictures I took of Jack the other day. He just turned 9 months old a few days before these were taken. He was being super fussy that night, so after trying everything else I decided to toss him into a laundry basket with a few toys. He was happy in there for a good half hour!

I love that bottom picture. You can tell he'd had enough! His personality is really starting to blossom lately too, which is fun to watch. :o)



Kelly said...

the laundry basket is a frequent source of entertainment for my kids.

maybe it's a boy thing.

Super cute!! Jack is getting big! I love his expressive eyes!

Valorie said...

A.DOR.A.BLE!!! He is one handsome boy!

Jocelyn1224 said...

I hope my new boy has gorgeous blue eyes like Jackopottomus! I know that's not how you spell that, but I can't be arsed to figure it out right now :-P

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