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Sunday, January 25, 2009

A few pictures...

Here are a few pictures Darrin snapped today. I was getting ready to head off to a meeting (helping to plan our 15 year high school reunion), and my Mom had just stopped by to pick up Henry for the afternoon.

Here is Jack with Grandma:

Mama with Jackie:

And a few of me reading with the boys. We've tried to instill a love of books in both of the boys, and it has definitely worked with Henry. He will sit and "read" for hours, and then beg you to read more. Jack is a little more distracted than Henry ever was, but he still seems to enjoy it from time to time. These are two of Henry's favorite books:

Note the bare toes on Jack. We cannot keep socks on this kid to save our lives. No matter what we do, he manages to get them off. He can even de-sock in the saucer, where he can't even reach his toes! It's crazy! I've threatened to buy him tights, but that didn't go over too well with Papa. ;)


Valorie said...

Aww! Love the pic of you reading to them. They both are such cute, handsome boys!!!!

Deborah said...

So adorable, as always. Thanks for sharing the pics.

Wendy Falk said...

Thank GOD for parents who read with their kids.Teachers everywhere are grateful for parents like you!!!! :):)

Kelly said...

Very cute! You look a LOT like your mom!
(the teacher in me gives you 2 thumbs up for reading to them! Whoo hoo!)

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