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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bath Time!

These pictures of Jack were taken on New Years Eve, but I forgot to post them. I just found them today while I was flipping through my photo folders, and thought I'd share.

I love baby toes. :) And baby toes in water and just as cute as can be!

What's cuter than baby toes? Baby fat! Isn't it sad that fat doesn't remain cute into adulthood? lol.

The only way we can keep Jack happy in the tub is to let him chew on this lid. And yes, it has to be *this* lid.

My blue-eyed boy:



Valorie said...

Love the blue eyes! He is so cute!

Kelly said...

Uh, how cute is that? Love the toes in the water. Very artsy, my friend, very artsy.

Love it!

Mindee said...

OMG, he is the cutest thing that I have ever seen. Love the toes picture.

Linda said...

The bunny says, "Hi little baby! Cam I see her again? Again?"

I just want to slurp him up with some biscuits!!!

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