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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pretty Pretty Princess

I thought I'd share some pictures of our pain cat, Princess. She has been such a stinker lately. Today I was doing something on the computer, and she jumped right up on the counter (I sit at the island in the kitchen) and started meowing at me. She soooo knows she shouldn't be on the counter! I grabbed my camera and tried to take a picture, but she came in close because she's nosey. The flash scared her. hee hee.

I mentioned on my craft blog the other day how I hang all of our Christmas cards around a door frame. I've done this as long as we've lived in this house, and we've had Princess this entire time. In all of our nine years here, she has never once shown any interest in a single card.... until now. She has fallen absolutely in love with this card we received from my toddler mom friend Kelly. I can't figure it out. I asked Kelly if they have any pets (no), or if they dusted their cards with catnip this year (nope)... I just can't figure it out. She will sit and give Kelly and family kisses all day if I let her...

She'll bat at them when they don't kiss back. ;o) *snort*

Anyhow, she has been cracking me up lately, so I just thought I'd share. :o) Here she is looking all innocent:

Yeah, right.



Lorie said...

How cute! Makes me almost wish I had a cat but ya know...the two dogs probably wouldn't appreciate it! LOL!

Mindee said...

HEHEHE! Very Cute.

Linda said...

Too cute!

Tiffany's Epiphanies said...

I think our cats are related, they look alike and get into trouble! My Sophie likes to unroll the toilet paper and dig tissue out of the tissue box!

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