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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Henry's New Ride

My Mom bought this Radio Flyer Sport Coupe for Henry for his birthday. I *finally* got it put together yesterday - almost a month later. Yes, I'm in charge of assembly here. He just loves the car. His favorite thing to do is get into the car... and then get out... and then get back in. He's done this for hours both yesterday and today. So far the car hasn't made it out of the house! He kind of gets cranky when I try to push him in it, so for now we're just letting him enjoy the whole enter/exit experience. :)


Lorie said...

How cute is he is his car? Before you know it he'll be riding away from you as fast as he can!

Kelly said...

That's cool. Does it have pedals or is it just a "Flinstones" car?

Our stroller/trike is on it's last legs(wheels). This looks interesting!
Thanks for sharing!

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