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Friday, November 20, 2009

The Legend of the Dragonfly

One of my childhood friends sent a gift to me after Henry's passing. Included with the dragonfly themed gift (she said this photo was her inspiration), there was a sheet of paper enclosed. The story on that paper has brought me so much comfort over the past few weeks, I wanted to share it here with all of you.

The Legend of the Dragonfly
In the bottom of an old pond lived some grubs who could not understand why none of their group ever came back after crawling up the lily stems to the top of the water. They promised each other that the next one who was called to make the upward climb would return and tell what had happened to him.
Soon one of them felt an urgent impulse to seek the surface; he rested himself on the top of a lily pad and went through a glorious transformation which made him a dragonfly with beautiful wings. In vain he tried to keep his promise. Flying back and forth over the pond, he peered down at his friends below. Then he realized that even if they could see him they would not recognize such a radiant creature as one of their number.

The fact that we cannot see our loved ones or communicate with them after the transformation which we call death is no proof that they cease to exist.



i {heart} papers said...

This is such a sweet story. I'm thinking about you Sarah.

blueskygirl said...


I found your blog through scrapbooking. My heart so aches for you and your hubby. Sometimes there just aren't any words or explanations.

I have not experienced what you are going through. But just the other day I was listening to KLOVE (christian radio). They played a song by Steven Curtis Chapman. I think the song was called "Heaven is the face"- it's something like that. He lost his daughter- I think she was 4 or 5. The song is about that. Also the radio station has encouraging songs, if you don't have one in your area, you can go to klove.com and listen.
I pray for you and your family to find peace. I hope you have a good church family to help support you. I am sure the holidays will be esp. hard.

Dani said...

Beautiful story. Thinking about you guys all the time. Hugs!

Gina said...

Just beautiful Sarah, thanks for sharing. Continuing to pray for you and your family.

Deb Portman said...

That is so beautiful! That is one of my favorite pictures of Henry. :)

Jenn Borjeson said...

My thoughts have been with you every day for weeks. I'm sending you a giant hug. Love - Jenn Borjeson

Loz (Aus) said...

I have no words... tonight my prayers are for you and your family x

Holly said...

Hey Sarah. I found myself thinking of you today and wanted to pop in here to see how you're doing. I looked at your smile box with a lump in my throat. Henry had such a smile! I know your whole family is missing him terribly and my thoughts and prayers remain with you.

redstamper7 said...

Special blessings to your family today and always. I wish for moments of peace to you.

Tangii said...

This is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing Sara! {{hugs}}

Nancy said...

What a beautiful story. The thing is it is so true. You just never know. I am sure he is watching down on you this very moment and not wanting you to be sad. Why because he is in a better place. With God!! My thoughts are with you and your family.

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