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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Henry!

Three years ago today, at 3:23 a.m., we welcomed our oldest son Henry into the world. :o) It was love at first sight for the two of us, and I can't even believe three years have gone by already!

We celebrated Henry's birthday on Sunday with his grandmas, godparents, and Aunt Jena, and here are some highlights of the day:

Henry lurrrves him some Spiderman. Here he is saying, "Oooooooo!" (too cute!) as he opens his new Chutes and Ladders game:

Here's the birthday boy in his cowboy shirt:

And here's the awesome cake that my friend Steph made for Henry's big day. I sent her a picture of the decorations, and she used that as inspiration for her design. :) Check out more of her work on her cake blog HERE.

Here I am with my sister, Jena:

And helping Henry blow out the candles on his cake... pretty much doing it myself to avoid having it slimed by a three year old. ;)

And here is Henry with his favorite part of all... the "ah-bawoons"!

Happy Birthday, my sweet boy!!



Lorie said...

Happy birthday Henry! Sarah...the party looks like so much fun and that cake is GREAT! You always do such a great job!

Mindee said...

Happy Birthday Henry! Hope you have a great day!

Dani said...

Oh my heavens, he is so cute!

Happy Birthday Henry!

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