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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So, my original goal with bringing out the camera yesterday was to capture Jack's (a.k.a. "Bee")army crawl. Henry was just fascinated with the camera though, so that didn't really work as planned. Here's another clip... This was my first attempt. :)


Nicole said...

What a cute little guy. And so intelligent at that. You seem like a wonderful mommy!!! Oh, also congrats on the weight loss. I know that must have been alot of work. YOU GO GIRL!!! I also see that you like to stamp. I am releasing my stamp line here in a few weeks. If you would like to check a few of the peeks of them please visit my blog at www.inkyimpressionsrubberstamps.blogspot.com LMK what cha think :) HUGS! Nicole :)

Valorie said...

Wow! Henry is talking so well! I love Jack's army crawl! Your boys are so cute!

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