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Sunday, September 14, 2008

NCSS: Night -Waking Log

Date: September 11, 2008
Age: 5.5 mos

Six items were logged:
  1. Time
  2. How baby woke me up
  3. How long awake; what we did
  4. Time baby fell back to sleep
  5. How baby fell back to sleep
  6. How long of a sleep stretch since fell asleep

7:40 - Jack fell asleep at the end of our nursing session and I moved him to the crib

8:30 - He woke, crying. Fell asleep again at 8:40 while nursing. Sleep stretch (SS): 50 mins

9:10 - He woke, crying. Fell asleep again at 9:20 while nursing. SS: 40 mins

9:30 - He woke, crying. Fell asleep again at 9:40 while nursing. SS: 20 mins

10:55 - He woke, grunting. Fell asleep on his own a minute or two later. SS: 1 hr 25 mins.

11:20 - He woke, crying. Fell asleep again at 11:30 while nursing. SS: 20 mins

1:15 - He woke, crying. Fell asleep again at 1:30 while nursing. SS: 1 hr 55 mins

4:00 - He woke, crying. Fell asleep again at 4:10 while nursing. SS: 2 hr 45 mins

7:00 - Up for the day. SS: 3 hrs.

Asleep time: 7:40p.m.
Awake time: 7:00 a.m.
Total Number of Awakenings: 7
Longest Sleep Span: 3 hours
Total Hours of Sleep: 11 hrs, 15 mins

Well, there you have it. This was a somewhat rougher night that usual, but not by much. When he falls asleep nursing I try everything I can think of to get him to wake up and nurse longer but nothing works. Yet, when I move him to the crib his sleep doesn't last long.

If I remember correctly, my next logs will be done in ten days (from 9/11/08) to monitor progress. I'm still reading the book though, so there might be other stuff between now and then too. So far the biggest suggestions seem to be that there has to be a set bedtime time and routine. And I knew that, but honestly wasn't using one. We didn't get Henry into a routine until he was older - maybe 9 mos, and yes, I do remember him sleeping better after we did so don't ask me why I didn't do it right away this time. I am also being more aware of sleep cues and taking Jack up to bed as soon as he appears tired. Last night I put him down at 7:00 p.m, and he slept until about 9:30 this morning, but there were TONS of wake ups in between. Like, an ungodly amount. I can handle every 3 hours or so. It's the 30 minute cycles that get me.

So, that's that. Stay tuned for progress reports!


Lorie said...

Oh, goodness...I'm tired just reading that...you poor thing!

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