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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Merge Ahead...

On the off chance that anyone is actually following this blog :), I wanted to post and let you know that I have decided to merge my two blogs back into one, and will no longer be posting here. Not that I post all that often any where these days, but it is always my hope that that will change. I love to write, and often think of things to blog about, but never take the time to actually do it.

When I started blogging six years ago, http://scrampinmama.blogspot.com was my only blog. As I became more and more involved with rubber stamping and started working on design teams and posting cards daily, I decided to break all of my family and life-in-general posts onto this secondary blog. Even if I at some point begin stamping again, I'm going to stick with the one blog (linked at the beginning of this paragraph) just for ease of use and the sheer organization of it all.

So, if you have this blog saved in your reader (God bless you!), please replace it with http://scrampinmama.blogspot.com. I have merged all of these posts (except this one) into that blog, so everything you see here is over there already, just waiting for you to revisit it. :)

God bless,



i {heart} papers said...

I have both. I'll delete this one. And I would love to see crafty and/or baking posts. :)

Katherine Thayer said...

How are you Sarah?

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